Warning Regarding Web Fraud and Phishing

Warning Regarding Web Fraud and Phishing

Please be wary of “phishing” scams or fake websites which may fraudulently misuse Baupost’s name, brand, or image in order to seek confidential personal information or payment for purported investments.

Importantly, the Baupost partnerships do not actively solicit or market to prospective investors and are generally closed to new capital. 

If you are a client of Baupost, please follow these safeguards when communicating with the firm through digital media:

  • Confirm you are visiting our sole authorized website, the domain for which is www.baupost.com. No other website domains are authorized by our firm.
  • Do not share your password and login ID with anyone, including anyone from Baupost. Virtually all of Baupost’s online environment is private, available only to investors through secure login procedures. Apart from allowing you to use your password and login to enter our authorized site, Baupost will never ask you for your password or login information. If you forget your password or login, a new one will be issued.
  • Do not communicate or deal with anyone that is not authorized personnel of Baupost; typically, these will be members of our Investor Services team. Our Boston office is the only office authorized for communications with members of the public, including investors.
  • Do not send emails to anyone purporting to represent Baupost without an authorized Baupost email address. Baupost email addresses only use the @baupost.com domain.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, the security or authenticity of a Baupost communication, or if you have concerns about a website that you suspect may be fraudulent, please contact our Investor Services team at 617-210-8300 or email us at inquiry@baupost.com.